Over the next 24 hours a new version of River Thames Guide (the official British Marine app) will roll out; if you have the Apple full or Lite, Amazon full or Android Lite version you will receive an update notification from your App Store. If you have the Windows or full Android version (or just want to download for the first time) you can find all the relevant links here.

New features and improvements for this version:

Update to underlying framework, giving:
-more modern look-and-feel
-smoother and quicker page transitions
-better compatibility with different devices
-top navigation bar no longer needed (more screen space!)
Removed the top navbar to use more screen for info
-Context sensitive help button moved to bottom toolbar
Made navigation more logical
-'Home' takes you to the main (index) page
-'Back' (when available) takes you to the previous page
Makeover for most popups
-Easier to read, quicker to load, small-screen friendly
Fixed an issue where some Marina popups were partly off-screen
-Popups now scroll so top is at top of screen
Fixed an issue where some popups did not scroll
Improved some map overlay icons
Changed tidal bridge clearances to that at MHWS (Mean High Water Spring)
Fixed an issue where Glossary items did not wrap on small screens
Emailing now more small screen friendly

As ever, feedback and suggestions welcome.