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    Default Re: Fuel Set (Fuel treatment for bug etc) Anyone used it?

    Quote Originally Posted by mogmog2 View Post
    Not sure what this is worth, but I emptied the tank on our new Centaur, some 40+ litres of diesel (tank wasn't full) and there was no sign of diesel bug. The boat had been left untended for 2 years or so. When I came to replace the diesel, I found an open bottle of Fuel Set in the tool bucket
    Similar to above except our boat had been laid up for more than 4 years.

    Good luck

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    Default Re: Fuel Set (Fuel treatment for bug etc) Anyone used it?

    I should start by saying I have no idea other than what I have read and been told largely by competitors!

    However I always used fuel set. I got some water in the tank (my fault) and was using fuel set. I dont know if it was related but it produced clouds of milky contaminant in the fuel (as I say it may be nothing to do with the product). Then I was told that water dispersants dont really work, and the key is the product must contain an effective treatment for the bug. Since, I have always used Fuel Doctor.

    There was a review in one of the Yachting mags not that long ago and I think available on line which is well worth a read. It would seem some products certainly did better than others.

    I would say it seems unlikely in such a small mixing ratio if you pick up any significant amount of water, the additive is really likely to be able to create an emulsion and allow the water to be removed in that way - but who knows?

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