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    Default Re: Cleats in Bathing Platform

    Yes to all that.

    They were visible at Düsseldorf. Hull #2 I think.

    Also zoom in on this picture. You can see the fin. It's hull #3
    Fins roughly lined up with top of "C pillar". Don't go by portholes as they are different across all three hulls.

    If you look at any online profile photo of the boat, that positioning is quite aft.

    Then at bottom of this page you have line drawing. Fin also level with top of C pillar so the built boats are same as this line drawing.

    I think the fins look quite aft, that's all. They might work ok. I'd want to check.

    Separately, the poor sx88 has SanLorenzo's trademark totally hideous helm stations
    with a rectangular block of foam to sit on and touch screens that only a gorilla can reach. My SL would need a totally reworked helm station!
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