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I wonder how many of our YBW inmates are actually volunteers for the RNLI? Or in fact any of the major charities in the UK?

The lifeboat skipper might well have done wrong. But should he have just got a reprimand? Or even a written warning? By dismissing him, the "senior management" have sent a chilling message to all their volunteers that will loose them a huge amount of goodwill that might never be recovered.

Within my own circle of family and friends, there have been volunteers for several well-known charities, some for several decades. Like Oxfam, WI, Meals On Wheels, and some hospices.

In every case, there has been a slow-but-sure shift from an organisation whose main aim was always something like "Caring For Others In Need" to something much more corporate, with a plush head office, and loads of "senior managers" being paid "competitive salaries", often 60K+

The general public, putting their cash into the collecting boxes, often have no idea how little of their donations actually pays for the "front-line" services, and how much is increasingly spent at HQ.

There's a petition to reinstate the coxswain here:
Oh so so very true kind Sir

We have had very similar experiences with a Charity that we both largely ran and largely self financed down ere in South Devon, along came change by way of new regulations, or so we are told. New Chief who ignored the regulars who also Self Financed and Ran various Regions, often for many years. Did her own thing and listened to some on the periphery who complained over the Illness name and other incidentals. Resulted in most Regional Groups becoming sidelined and redundant. Yea great result, only very good news is that she has reportedly 'had enough' so moving off this August t pastures new. Yea a great result.
There has been a urge in most Chatities towards securing line Managers into almost every conceieable post and then lording it over the regular Volunteers often rubbing them up the wrong way then dismissing them on some pretense or other.
Yes Charities are not what they once were anymore.

So results in u being most selective on where we offer our support and cash in future.

Might suggest that our Boating donations be far better directed towards those Independent Lifesaving ones and local Lifeguards that surely do need our monies /donations so perhaps a result will be greater spread of Private Lifeboats araound our coasts.