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Thread: Onan generator

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    Pointing out the relative merits of various approaches to installing a small geny and running a small geny on a small boat where space is a premium and the ER or Lazerette is dimensionally challenged .

    Re guards Vs MK 1 eyeball and ears , it’s not either or ,it’s as well as
    Agree 10 a penny buts that not the issue in a small boat it’s a fag climbing possibly over hot engines and then there’s the issue ( speak to JRudge ) of missing impeller bits to recover but then there’s this ———
    If you develop a slight leak , let’s call it a misplaced seal in the unlet plumbing, maybe a slight incorrectly fitted pump face plate or what ever then when it’s resting / stopped water drains out of the system because air can get in .
    May take say 2-4 days .
    Next time it’s started it has to prime , ie run a dry tiny ( 10 a penny ) impeller , that puts strain on it .

    Above the WL you know instantly if there’s a delay or worse zero and can switch off - investigate etc .
    Could be something simple like you in a muddle fiddling about turned the seacock off and forgot to re - open it ?
    Also below the WL although it will be cocked it’s another hole that’s unnecessary ,in pure minimising risk .

    I guess it depends on the accessibility of the pump and ease of HE strip , it it’s placed on the alter in the nave in St Paul’s cathedral about waist height where you can walk around it then fine .

    If it’s stuffed in a corner of an allready cramped ER , with vital bits facing away and you have to lay on an hot engine or move stuff to get a proper look at the plumbing/ pump , you fat finger a face plate nut dropping it into oblivion,then you will be wishing you could have realised earlier there was a water flow issue ( forgot to open the inlet cock ) and shut it down manually.

    My geny impellers are changed because I elect to not because I have to .Although on this boat access is a doddle .
    It was not on the Sunseeker .

    Does not make sense to me to invite the guards -to stop it - run it to overheat - - comprise impeller integrity- cos you have no idea there’s a restriction

    When there’s a simple alternative allready connected to your brain called eyes n ears

    I did have a leaky pump shaft seal which as said allowed it the drain , but I was on to it before the impeller shredded .

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    Without taking sides. The geny is going in the lazaret where there's good access, until it's full of cruising gear

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