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    Default Orkney longliner question

    Hi guys,
    I’ve had my Orkney moored on Loch Ness since February and I’ve recently noticed small amounts of water trickling into the bottom of the boat. I looked everywhere and discovered it was actually coming in from the bung.
    The boat has the usual two bung set up, one on the deck and one at the back.
    I’ve left the back bung in and was surprised to see water coming in as I’ve never had the back bung off and, as far as I thought, there was no water in there. Does this mean there is water getting in somewhere on the deck somehow? If I take the bung out on the deck, water starts to come in quite quickly.
    I can’t get the boat out on it’s trailer until the end of the season so I’m not quite sure if this is something I should be worried about or not.
    I’ve never bumped it off rocks or anything and I’m pretty sure the water can’t be getting in from underneath. I did change the seating so I could tiller steer the boat from the back. I put a plank across the back and drilled it in so perhaps water could be getting in that way?
    This is my first Orkney so sorry if this question is a bit daft or I’m missing something obvious!
    Thanks in advance!
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