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    Quote Originally Posted by zoidberg View Post
    Just a random group of f'rinstances, Paul....

    There's not a lot left in my local Maplinses now.

    And, for the truly sharp-eyed among us, that 35mm cable in the middle IS heavily corroded, so I'll be consigning its 50' parent to the local reclamation centre. It was a 'test piece' while I explored the functioning of my hefty handraulic crimper thingy, bought on 'ere for not a lot of beer tokens. The other 'yellow' terminations are not very good, either, and I expect to do rather better than those 'legacy' jobs.
    Nothing there should really be getting too wet. If the battery cables are in a damp place use tinned cable and glue lined heatshrink. If you need to join any cables use glue lined heatshrink butt connectors.

    There really should not be that much in the typical cruiser that gets too damp/wet.
    Rainbow Marine.

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    Default Re: Sealing connectors

    If the boat gets that wet, it could be worth putting a lot of the electrics in splashproof junction boxes.
    They are cheap from Toolstation.
    At least then you can spray the connectors without it getting everywhere!

    That 'heavily corroded' bit of fat cable, does not look 'terminal' (sorry) to me. A good crimp will shear through a bit of oxide layer and give a good joint.
    It's a matter of achieving proper pressure in the crimp.
    The main thing is to ensure no further corrosion takes place.
    Obviously if the strands are losing their integrity, it's dead.

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