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    Default Sunset , Southwold and New holding tank (can't think of another S)

    Retrieved the boat yesterday from the capable hands of Southwold Boat Services where they fitted a holding tank and MatthewRiches of this parish sorted out the masthead VHF (don't think it had ever worked as the previous owner had never gone far in his 20 years of ownership). So I cycled from SYH to Southwold to collect the boat. Javelin (also of this parish) seemed determined to prove in someone else's boat with a 2m draught that it was possible to leave Southwold at LW neaps. So he piloted me past the shallowest part in the river then jumped for the harbour wall before leaving me to my own devices. Incredible gymnastics for a man of his advanced years ;-) Thoroughly recommend these guys as a pleasure to deal with. Cracking sail back in NNE F4/5, just getting into Harwich as the sunset. I suspect that a 40 mile cycle plus a sail back may be the hardest work out known to man judging by the state of my muscles today ;-)

    Piccie of sunset.

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    Default Re: Sunset , Southwold and New holding tank (can't think of another S)

    Being able to see and take photos like that makes boat ownership worthwhile.

    Glad everything worked out for you and your boat is now ready to go for the season!


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    Default Re: Sunset , Southwold and New holding tank (can't think of another S)

    I can't find the like button.

    It's easy to get tides confused. Our son, then aged 11, once lost out in a quiz because his answer to 'what are the lowest tides called' was springs, which was marked as wrong. He still bears the grudge 40 years later.
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