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Thread: Loxo 32.

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    Quote Originally Posted by burgundyben View Post
    What do we think of the Loxo 32?

    There's a lot to like about it, the low speed planing is nice, I wonder how the transition from D to P is.
    I have just taken one from Lymington to London. Fantastic boat, very comfortable and great fun to drive. Here's the film:

    International Yacht Delivery.

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    It's about time the motorboat market started to look at the rapid growth in performance and innovation of yachts. Pogo along with a number of other innovative designers/builders are making great fast racing and cruising yachts. Okay some need a lot more crew but I think foiling and lighter/narrower easily driven hulls will start popping up in mobo's soon.
    I think the Loxo 32 ticks a lot of boxes for a couple who want to do extended cruising. It would make a great boat for crossing to the French canals and heading to the Med. I did a 540nm cruise in July, with a mixture of inland and coastal cruising between 6 and 13.5knots and I burnt 1500l of diesel. I took it pretty easy and mainly cruised at 8-9 knots at sea but one boat that was with us was pushing harder with bigger engines and burnt 2500 litres.

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