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    i heard with interest that gordon has had to borow heavily and will not do anything prior to election but you can bet as soon as, if , he is elected then watch out.
    previous goverments have had to borrow on a large scale and then repay by taxing you and me.
    he will be desperate to claw back from anything.
    this is not intended to be a political jibe just a worried boater.
    oh, and by the way. i think we are still bettter off with the present lot.

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    Don't reelect them. Over the next few months the Conservatives will make promises and be wanting to make them. Exploit this.

    I'm deeply worried about the prosepect of another Blair/Brown (and then Brown) government. If Brown has got his sums that wrong, given his addiction to taxes, we are all in a hole as he will scrape for revenue foprm anywhere. Hello £100 pa SSR, £85 identity card (+£15 marine endorsement), crewing ticket, helming ticket, navigation ticket and skippering ticket (all @ £200 pa each, boaters are wealthy) plus qualification charge and so forth.

    Only, I fear, slightly doom mongering. After all, unless we are tracked and watched we might bring in bad people, you know, not Labour voters...
    Two beers please, my friend is paying.

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    Default Re: fuel tax gordon

    Agree, Gordon is a master tax collecter
    In addition to your suggestions he will surely consider
    how to tax the increase in property prices occuring
    in certain areas.
    I just heard a "factoid" on the radio, in 1998
    he paid £130 for a haircut! unbelievable!

    Merry Christmas Briani
    never be afraid to try something new
    remember, a lone amateur built the Ark
    a large group of professionals built Titanic


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