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    Talking 22 year old looking for some experience!


    Itís always been my dream to own a boat and itís always been my dream to live on a boat in Malta in my retirement!.

    I have very limited knowledge of boats and would love to learn more, id also love to learn basic fishing as Iím a total novice...

    Is this anything you would be willing to help with? Weather that be showing me around the boat teaching me the basics i.e general maintenance/controls/navigation? Iíd happily pay for your time of course.

    Iím 22, live in Clevedon, and work full time for clevedon motorcycles so Iím free most evenings and weekends

    if anyone is willing to help or has any sugestions then please let me know?

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    Default Re: 22 year old looking for some experience!

    Are you interested in sailing boats or sports fishing motor boats? Most people here are sailing boat owners, and most owners donít use sailing boats for fishing other than perhaps Mackerel very casually on more blue-water passages than you will get in the inner Bristol Channel.

    If you are interested in learning navigation then (generalising) you will find more knowledge of it in the average yacht skipper than in the average local sports fishing skipper. Yachts make longer passages in more changeable weather where sound planning is as important as execution. Sports fishing and most motorboats, by the nature of the boat, make short passages to local places and spend less time underway at night.

    We are too far away to help but my recommendation would be to find a small local club with a mix of usages for a mix of boats. Portishead perhaps, or one of the other small clubs in the various pills and rivers near you. I am sure you would find plenty of skippers looking for a helping hand for only the price of your membership. Several posters here are members of clubs like this. You would be able to try both sailing and motoring/fishing and see what interests you.

    The larger yacht clubs in the inner Channel are in Cardiff and are broadly sailing dominated (CYC probably more mixed than CBYC and Penarth is now essentially a dinghy club) plus further away than you need travel.

    Hope this helps.


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