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    Default What boat should I buy ?

    Hi all, my name is Alex and I am new to the forum and ready to buy the new boat. I will go fishing with my two kids and have decided for something between 24 to 26ft. I am wondering whether I should buy something with twin engines or single engines. Contender and Regulator are two of my favorite brands, hence, can you help me recommend some models?

    Alex, my company Tonkin-Travel: Travel Agency in Vietnam:
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    Default Re: What boat should I buy ?

    Are you planning on purchasing a boat? The first query to ask yourself is: What type of sailing would I like to do? If you have not done so already, consider where and how you will use the vessel that you buy.

    Boats are specific, so what you buy should be mostly driven by how you will appreciate h2o. Take the time to do your analysis. Just as you would not buy an off-road automobile to travel on a street, you need to find the right vessel to fit your actions, preferences, and the needs of your team.


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