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Solid GPS hull, antifouled, never off. Tended to deplete the battery even with solar panels. I suspect that with a 32’ boat then two sets would have been far more effective. I haven’t put it on for a couple of years, I have a mild dread of battery problems.
As for the effectiveness, you are probably right about the 2 channels. I have a 40 ft hull and use 2 channels. Also, the installation of the transducers is extremely important. Any air bubble in the epoxy can reduce the efficiency close to zero. Also, they should be placed at a reasonable distance from any reinforcing parts of the hull - ribs etc.
The battery drain - it should be a straight maths. My 2 channels system uses about 6 W (1/2 A) and that's a consumption you simply have to cover one way or another. I can see this part as the only setback of the system.