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    We tend to "plug in" a few hours before departure to give a tank of hot water and "preheat" the donk which eases the load on the batteries and starter motor.. This also allows the fridge / freezer to chill down as well before we sail with out us having to motor sail or run the generator. As we don't leave shore power plugged in when we leave the boat the convection heating is not an issue (immersion usually off though in any event (force of habit)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Graham376 View Post
    Quite normal with our boat. Why insert another valve to have to service and remember to turn on/off with engine use?
    Because heating the engine instead of just heating enough water for a quick shower takes a lot longer.
    It might be possible to stop the issue happening by careful routing of the pipes?
    The calorifier circuit should presumably only be open when the engine thermostat opens?
    If the hot water from the cylinder coil has to go downhill to reach the thermostat, it may never open?

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    Not an unusual occurrence if the engine is higher than the calorifier. As has been said, looping the hoses downwards will fix it. An NRV will also do it, I have one on my central heating system at home for exactly the same reason, but it may introduce complications in operation. I don't agree that calorifiers 'should' have shut off valves. They might be useful but I have never needed them with either direct or indirect heating.
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