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    Default Re: Mariner 5 2 stroke won't idle

    Worth screwing the mixture screw in all the way (gently) and unscrewing it two turns as a base setting. Warm engine up and set idle, then turn mixture screw until engine runs fastest. Thats the best setting for many two strokes.

    One is assuming:

    1/ Clean fresh fuel
    2/ Engine healthy (if it gives full power assume no hardware issues)
    3/ Carb totally clean (Remove, strip completely and check every hole is clear. You mentioned idle screw does nothing which indicates a blocked jet or airway)
    4/ I'm not going into plugs and ignition because it runs well otherwise...

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    Default Re: Mariner 5 2 stroke won't idle

    Quote Originally Posted by steve66 View Post
    Your slow running circuit on the carb is blocked either the ports or jet. Ultrasonic clean it by all means but I wouldn't recommend soaking it in brake cleaner. Any o rings, diaphragms or neoprene needle tips will be damaged
    Fair point about the brake cleaner. I had perhaps too quickly assumed that the carb and itís compements would be stripped and all perishable seals and gaskets removed. Worth you pointing this out, by all means. Thanks.

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