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    Default Re: Lewmar as replacement anchor windlass?

    Quote Originally Posted by vyv_cox View Post
    Great pic, which I would like to use, please.
    What needs to be understood is that there are various grades of aluminium alloys, some markedly more corrosion resistant than others. Unfortunately some manufacturers do not seem to understand this and select grades that are cheap to cast but do not resist seawater well. The 5000 series Al/Mg alloys are vastly superior to the 2000 series used for most car parts, which I am guessing your casing was made from.
    Feel free to use the pic, Vyv.


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    Default Re: Lewmar as replacement anchor windlass?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cspirit View Post
    Just a thought re the discussion above on Lofrans & aluminium. Here is a photo of our windlass which explains why we need a new one and why I need to follow the installation advice above when I fit new.
    Ours looked much like that when I got the boat. I've cleaned up the rotten aluminium, rebuilt it with epoxy (had some leftover International Watertite laying around), fixed a few other issues and gave it a general overhaul. Now installed with the idiotic rubber "moat" cut away and sealant all around. Also painted it with alu etch primer to protect from further corrosion. Has been doing nearly two summers of service primarily living at anchor now and not made any moves to jump off its mounting

    Apart from the stupid rubber moat design, the windlass is very good. I hear a lot of other boats with really asthmatic windlasses struggling to pick up a bit of chain and anchor in calm conditions that makes me wonder what undersized rubbish they've got working on the bow. Or not working, in many cases.

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