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    Default Trim Tab problem


    I appear to have a problem with the tabs on the boat being that they are stuck down (I think to their fullest extent, but may be wrong)

    The system is Bcs Marine / TwinDisc with twin rams on both tabs and a single hydraulic pump with 2 feeds - 1 for each side. The pump runs and the oil reservoir is full. Operating the tabs deposits a very small amount of oil by each tab.

    My feeling is that the valve that would open to allow the oil to return to raise the tabs may be stuck, but I have no idea. How to test. Here are some pics


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    I would start by discontecting the rams from the tab, this will tell you if both are failing or just one. You may find you have one that has gone. We do lots in Palma, if you find one is sized then remove the connections and check the ram is getting fluid, sometimes these rams get siezed very common on the colbolts. You can try to unseize by removing all connection and cleaning ram and either pulling out or pushing in.
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    Default Re: Trim Tab problem

    Agree with the above.
    Disconnect the hydraulic fittings at the pump and manually work up and down. Knowing a fair bit about hydraulics from a previous career, sound advice is to never leave a hydraulic ram fully out or in. As in max extended or min extended positions. Always back them off a tiny touch the other way. Equally relevant to outdrives and their hydraulic trim system. Just a tiny touch of the button or switch the other way after operation means they arenít left maxed out and at risk of sticking or perishing seals. Hope this helps.


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