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    Quote Originally Posted by mickywillis View Post
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you use 155 Watts over a 24Hr period, that averages at just over 6.45 Watts an hour?
    Using I= P/V, then 6.45W/12V gives a current consumption of 0.54 Amps an hour?? So over a 24Hr period you would draw 12.9 Amps per day? Seems rather efficient I'd say.
    Your arithmetic stacks up, but as prv says, the units make no sense ( and this is also the problem with the technical literature on this fridge.)
    current is in AMPS not Amps/hr ( fuses are rated in AMPS)
    power is in watts, not watts/hour
    energy useage over a period is watt-hours ( like the electricity bill in kilowatthours

    A technical answer (from the ebay vendor) also refers to amps/hr and watts/hr in nonsensical and even conflicting contexts.
    eg average consumption "6.6watts/hr" and total daily consumption "155W/24hr"... (not 155watt-hrs/24hr, nor 13Ah at 12v which make sense)
    somebody needs a physics lesson.

    but it does show that the average power over 24hrs is indeed actually 6.6 watts, 0.55 Amps.!3 Ah per day.
    It also explains that this is cooling at 5 degrees C in 24 degrees C ambient.

    They are also confirmed in a feedback review, so I'm now very interested. I think I can sustain that.
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