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    Default Re: UK chandler who delivers to Ionian Marine yard..

    Something that not been talked about when ordering stuff to go to Greece and I and may other have had the same problem , which is the parcel will arrive in Athens quite quickly maybe with in a few days or a week but then gets stuck there for quite a while , in one case I know , a month , I also had the experience where I ended up going to pick it up from the carrier, even tho I paid for a door to door delivery, as they wanted another payment to deliver.
    we talking Ionian here so if you happen to get an great price on stuff from the U.K. There the option of having it all delivered to a U.K. Address and then get one of the white van guys who do monthly run to the Ionian to bring it back ,
    To be honest, I think when you work out the different in prices and the shipping there not going to be much different then shopping around locally , I brought my last Rocna anchor for 60 euros cheaper then I could had got it from jimmy green who was offering a good deal at the time , my new life raft that's was no was 90 euros cheaper the a similar lift raft from Germany then one from the U.K. and my Generater if you included carriages was 350 euros cheaper buying the same make in the country I was then from the main dealer back in the U.K.
    I would try as said in #5 try locally .
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    Default Re: UK chandler who delivers to Ionian Marine yard..

    Quote Originally Posted by temptress View Post
    I use they are usa based but I have found that they have a better range of options and work out much cheaper than getting ripped off by UK swindlers
    Even after import duty?

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