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Thread: holding tank

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    Even if you don't use your holding tank (we don't), flushing through with clean seawater every month or so seems to keep any residual smells at bay.

    We have started using small doses of Odourlos as "belt and braces".

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    I fitted a head-o-matic tankette on the flush inlet and this really does seem to stop all smells. Even if I open the inspection hatch on a full hatch, the smell is not unpleasant - it is reminiscent of a good garden compost heap. Apparently the bullets contain a biocide which kill the anaerobic bacteria (which create the bad smells) but leaves the good aerobic bacteria to get on with their job of breaking down the contents. The bullets apparently also contain an acid to lower the pH and reduce the deposition of urea salts in the pipework. A further advantage is that when leaving the boat I can unscrew the tankette and break the siphon in the inlet pipe and so pump it entirely dry. Finally it makes the flush a cool blue colour.

    Unfortunately it is getting very hard to find the bullets and so I am wondering whether they are being discouraged on environmental grounds.
    I'd miss my compost heap

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