The Turkish economy is in free fall, or rather under the control of ill equipped and poorly educated, unelected ministers, appointed by an even more poorly educated, Islamist president! The future does not bode well for the country. As someone previously said, the marinas and yacht industry use euros as their currency, arguably this might be considered protectionist, but more realistically, this is outright profiteering. The marinas charge customers 5 euros (approx 35 TL) for 1 tonne of water. The cost to them is less than 75 Kurus. I am a bit tired, but that is about a 4,500 % markup! It is a similar case with electricity. Whilst it may be a non event for foreigners, it is killing many locals, even with interest rates at 19% , without an income in dollars, euros or sterling it is a from outlook for the nationals here!