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    Default Re: Boat Brokers the Good The Bad and The Ugly

    Quote Originally Posted by sailaboutvic View Post
    I wish I could earn that for a days work
    Me too!

    The PO was very impressed with him, though. "He found things on my boat that I didn't even know about!"

    And he got me the price knocked down €3000 or €4000 too.

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    Default Re: Boat Brokers the Good The Bad and The Ugly

    Quote Originally Posted by superheat6k View Post
    And some have the fairies with them as they report defects which simply do not exist and generally exaggerate any they do find. Each and every one will have their very own 'Speciality' problem that they will highlight and the insurance company will demand be mitigated against.

    At least two hull surveyors and one engine surveyor based on the south coast are now banned from any boat I own, even if it means a sale will fall through. This will actually save a would be buyer say £500 on Jokers Wild, and save me wasting time making arrangements for their nonsensical activities.

    I have yet to see a survey report, where I have attended, even closely resemble the examinations undertaken and discussions held.

    Especially entertaining was the recommendation from the Engine surveyor who, having failed to find fault with the engines which were at that time ~ 30 years old, that the buyer should lump the vendor ~ £3,000 per engine just in case. Unbelievable nonsense from that idiot, but as I say he is now banned.
    My surveyor said the engine was an MD2030, 3 cylinders, 30 hp, in actual fact it is a four cylinder MD22 50 hp!

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    Default Re: Boat Brokers the Good The Bad and The Ugly

    Quote Originally Posted by GB1307 View Post
    No sea trial, the seller did not turn up twice and we only got the keys much later, after a family member went to the sellers house to get the engine keys.
    You have my total sympathy. As others have said, legally you may struggle. Morally you are absolutely in the right. Unfortunately you have taken people at their word...
    Again, as said by others, if you had used a surveyor and read the small print in a surveyors report you would wonder why you paid someone to give you peace of mind.
    My limited experience of buying two boats and selling one gave me two totally different ‘broker’ experiences, one very good and one bad. The funny thing is that the very good was a small independent broker buying and then selling a lesser value boat and the bad a large established broker and a substantial transaction!!!
    Yes, we only have your side of the story and perhaps there is a good defence for both the broker and the seller but I would feel equally aggrieved reading your account.
    I hope that you do manage to get some redress.

    Dum vivimus vivamus

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    Default Re: Boat Brokers the Good The Bad and The Ugly

    Quote Originally Posted by Dukester52 View Post
    To be fair, a surveyor would most likely not pick up on faults with the engine.
    To steer clear of the rights and wrongs of the OP's situation and just answer the question...I have bought exactly one boat, through Ancaster in plymouth. It wasn't entirely straightforward as the previous owner had passed away and there were probate issues but not only was I kept fully informed, I received lots of advice on the process of buying and renovating a boat which as a first time owner was invaluable, and continued to get good advice after the sale had completed. The broker did negotiate hard for the seller but after the deal was agreed it felt like he was working for me.

    I didn't get a sea trial. I did have a survey which as well as being necessary for insurance gave me an after-purchase job list and more than paid for itself in re-negotiating the price. As Dukester points out above, the engine was not covered by the survey but I commissioned a separate engine survey. That got me a large chunk of the cost of a new engine off the price (the old one died on the way to be surveyed having been living on easy start for some time)

    I was very very happy with the broker experience as a buyer although I'm guessing that beyond having a robust process and escrow account in place the extra steps are going to be down to individuals.
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    Default Re: Boat Brokers the Good The Bad and The Ugly

    The last (and current) boat purchase was through Ancasta Haslar in 2008 and they were excellent. As it turned out the purchase was not straightforward due to the findings of our excellent surveyor. All was resolved with an appropriate discount to cover the work required, all monitored by our surveyor who signed off the work. Ancasta were very helpful all the way.
    I think the initial survey cost about £500 - worth every penny.

    I have an acquaintance who purchased a boat a couple of years ago without a survey and it has cost him many thousands (and he is still paying)

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