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    Quote Originally Posted by birdseye View Post
    Incidentally I dont think there is anything in the rule that says you have to contest a protest against you. Is there?
    No there isn't. Just because it is not really serious racing it doesn't mean people won't take advantage of you when they realise you won't stand up for yourself.

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    Default Re: Is this colregs or RRS?

    True. But then there are people who cheat in other ways too. Dishonesty.

    With my last boat, we started straight away winning the series altogether too easily. We had to use a Byron handicap because the boat wasnt a common mdesign but when I checked I discovered that Byron had the wrong data. So I contacted his and asked for my handicap to be tightened. Seemed to me to be the honest things to do but it was the first time anyone had asked him to do that and my crew were surprised. But it seemed to me that just letting it go would be dishonest and any series win wouldnt be genuine. Whats the point in that?
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