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    Default Re: pondfish 17-11-18, 09:42

    The sailboat thought is more of a silly dream. After watching wayyyy too many hours of YouTube channels like "Sailing La Vagabond".

    Typing this on my phone whilst watching a video about a guy who just got sick of job, quit, bought boat, "The adventures of Tarka". If only.

    Those videos can put far too many daft ideas in your head. "Can I just buy a £40k sailboat and quit work forever?". Me: "yes". Wife: "I'm not living in a floating caravan for the rest of my life". Plus we have 2 cats... So it'll have to remain a dream. For now. I think I might have got a conceded "I'd be willing to try it for a year"... So maybe I'll start a 5 year countdown . Retire @ 45... If only.

    Plus, going from cruising @ ~17mph (just above planing) down to sail speed... I enjoy the journey but also wanna go places.

    When you say easier to park... You mean with thrusters right? If we put the canopy up on Gorjus, the slightest wind in the lock pushes us all over the place. I imagine a flybridge would gather a lot of wind? Or is it a case that with so much weight you don't get blown around quite as much, so get more time to react?

    A separate toilet would be nice. At 2am, not wanting to wake the missus, in the dark, off the back whilst moored up (to a buoy, not marina!)... Isn't great!

    TV and audio we don't do too bad with currently... Tablet loaded with shows and music with a Bluetooth speaker works fine for us... But a proper setup would be good if we spent more time aboard.

    Well... If 2019 goes well and we have another good excursion... 2020 will be the upgrade .
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