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    Default Tall Ship Chronicles (CBC) / The Ship (BBC)

    Two reality tall ship series have recently been discovered on YouTube. These are:

    1/ Tall Ship Chronicles on Picton Castle (Canadian BC - 2001 / 2002)

    2/ The Ship on HM Bark Endeavour (BBC 2 - 2002)

    None have been issued on DVD for various reasons. So these are from home recordings. - they are not viewable anywhere else.

    After a world-wide search a set of home-recorded NTSC tapes was discovered in a job lot in the USA. These were then digitised and brought into the public domain. These digitisations seem to have been circulated widely!! It was reported that the then captain was reluctant to have TSC released - it is suspected that he was embarrassed by the lack of safety depicted on board aka no harnesses whilst on deck or aloft, and drug taking on remote Pacific Islands.

    The second upload is from an enthusiast with permission from the BBC's film maker. It is a re-enactment voyage by the HM Bark Endeavour replica from Cairns to Bali approximately following one of Cook's early voyages. It features the emotional announcement of the 9/11 attack when Captain Chris Blake calls all hands to tell them that they are at that moment likely in the safest place on earth, on board Endeavour. Subsequently their planned visit to Jakarta was abandoned in favour of safer Bali.

    Here's the links:


    P.S. The files can be downloaded using a YouTube Downloader.
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