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    Default Polar File Format of choice, plus Conversion.

    What's the Polar Format of choice for upload to devices that handle such things?Expedition/Deckman (.pol)? It seems widely used.

    Can anyone recommend an application that allows conversion between different polar formats? (Expedition?) Even better can anyone recommend a free application to convert between different polar formats?

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    Default Re: Polar File Format of choice, plus Conversion.

    It was a while back since I edited the polar spreadsheets for our boat.. All were .pol

    I did mention on the forum a few years back AutoPolaire V5 here..

    Looking for it now, we can find a translated page here

    It was great for both creating a polar from live or saved telemetry, and for editing (dragging individual points) on the visual afterwards.

    I seem to think a few different applications needed slightly different columns so we worked on them manually before importing.

    Looks like Bluewater Racing

    now has more formats included..

    I'm open to any other suggestions as well though..


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