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Thread: Thames or not

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    Go for it.
    We had a Broom Ocen 38 based at Sonning.
    Is your 39 from the 1990’s or 2000’s? Earlier ones draw a lot more and is more problematic but not terminal. Later ones no problem to Abingdon/ Oxford.
    I think the real river starts at Windsor. Below is a bit suburban (tin lid in place)!
    I hate the liveaboards but actually they are still hugely in the minority.
    Feel free to stop over at UTMYC at Sonning. Excellent for the Watermill Theatre. Let me know first. Or moor on the Great House moorings.
    It is the most beautiful river.

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    Ooh I dunno Mike, there are a few pleasant places below Windsor, such as Lady Lindsay lawn, a quiet mooring, close to Shepperton, pleasant enough, Hampton Court, undeniably pretty and with the huge park just a few yards need to cherry pick a bit though!

    More to see upriver but there's a lot more of it if you exclude the tidal bits, which are good to see but with infrequent moorings these days

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    The Thames is an amazing river but it does have it's faults. That said I feel the positives far outweigh the negatives and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to visit.

    We are probably afloat every other weekend at a variety of locations across the UK as we trailer our boat around but it does give us a fairly wide set of alternative venues to compare against - plus we are under 50 years of age!

    In the last ten years or so we've taken part in loads of events on the Thames including swimming, sailing, SUP, rowing, traditional boat festivals, Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Olympic Torch Relay, Magna Carta Pageant, Bluebird K3 at Henley, Barge Races, the Great River Race, the Boat Race, Kayakathons, Traditional Rowing, the Tudor Pull, the Queen's Baton Relay, food festivals and I think I've visited most of the riverside pubs!!!

    I honestly wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to you!

    Give it a try and make sure you let us know how you get on.


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