Squash was given up last year due to repeatedly stuffing my shoulders; both sides. Work's been largely given up on except job's where I want to go to, and are interesting. I do all the tasks on the boat, it's replaced work in giving me a 'must-do' list of things that I want to do! (ish).
I'm fortunate in that my boat's got a 'simple' engine, basically made, which I'm able to remove, repair and refit on my own, and in being only a 'child' of 62.
It's a great help that she's easy to sail singlehanded. However, during the 'off season' I armchair by reading crap in the usual yottie magazines, and disagreeing with pretty much everything written, despite having agreed with it the previous time that I'd read it.
But as time (hopefully) moves on, I can't see myself being able to sustain the effort and enthusiasm of the above, but whilst it's still with me, then it should be exploited.