HI Everyone, Im looking at getting a stainless steel prop for my Chris Craft cuddy 215 2000.
Currently has a 14.5 x 19" aluminium prop but looking to get a SS one and feel the 19 revs me too high ..(it gets to 50 moph which is a bit too fast for me..and at 2000 revs pushes me at 6 knts..)
For all you other chris craft owners with same boat / engine, what Prop do you all have for the size and weight of boat?

Ive found a 14.25 x 21 SS and hope this will push me at 8knts at 2000 rpm? not so much worried about the 50mph...35-40 is enough....

or should I stick to a 14.5 x 19 SS instead?

21 foot length (approx 17 waterline)
8.6 ft beam
2.5ft draft
Sx-m leg 50:1 ratio

Any help is appreciated