Planning for a visit by friends, we had the idea of a tow-path walk to Purton, pick up the boat to the Slimbridge bridge and walk there approach road to the Wildlife and Wetlands Trust Centre.

SWMBO doesn't do walking but my trial run to Purton convinced her she might survive.

Slight problem with the boat which is engine problem bound at Purton as mentioned elsewhere meant we had to walk the whole distance (although we did stop for a cuppa from the galley). We all survived - even SWMBO.

On arriving at the WWT, I enquired why the nice young lady on reception had informed me during my planning enquiries that Purton to Slimbridge via the tow path was nine miles according to her computer. We actually logged exactly five miles from The Dockers in Sharpness to the WWT.

On gently pointing out the difference between the 3 and 9, she explained that she had only done the trip by boat so that was why it was further.

Be warned!