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    Default North to the Night, a Spiritual Odyssey into the Arctic, by Alvah Simon.

    Available quite cheap on Kindle and Audible. Very well narrated on Audible, by the author I am fairly sure.
    An account of sailing to the far north in a 34' yacht, with lots of hard-won practical experience and nitty-gritty problems of high latitude sailing, eg jabsco impellers all destroyed by ice slush, frozen shyte buckets, crashing into bergs, all sorts, and technical enough to be instructional.

    Combined with Jocko Willinck-type observations about the mind and body in extreme environments.

    Added to fascinating insights into the inuit culture and ways of life, with details about sex, hunting, washing, sled dogs eating babies, bartering wives for knives, you won't read in National Geographic..

    Also fresh, first-hand tales of looking a 1/2 ton polar bear in the face and expecting to die..all sorts of other insights about creatures of the north.

    And also the effect all this had on the couple's relationship.

    The best book of any type I have read (listened to actually) for many years, and I'm hard to please, it deserves to be a best seller. Any book you read subsequently will seem dull and dreary after this one.

    Just get it, you will be spellbound and inspired. It's very funny as well.
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    Default Re: North to the Night, a Spiritual Odyssey into the Arctic, by Alvah Simon.

    i'll second that - v good read :-)


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