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Thread: Folkboat soap

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    It's extremely easy to make the boat too tight when it's dry, not leaving enough space for it to take up when wet, which can cause bad damage.
    When I bought mine, she'd not been in the water for a number of years, and leaked like a sieve when initially launched, to the point that I took her back out of the water within 20 minutes; water pouring out of every seam. Back on the trailer, I kept the boat wet for a couple of weeks as she took up, and when she wasn't taking up anymore, I caulked/filled those seams that still showed a leak, and relaunched without a problem.
    I'd imagine that there are other ways to do it also, but this worked for me.
    Folkboat 'Stakkr' - Inverness -

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    Just incase anyone's wondering how the Folkboat work turned out...

    I'd be really interested to hear any comments as it was all a bit of a journey in the dark...

    The boat's back in the water now, it had a smallish leak so I leant it against a wall and knocked a bit more cotton into the garboard which seems to have helped. It's a bit difficult to tell where bilge water comes from because of deck leaks but I'm pretty confident that I won't sink. (just in case I got a new battery and rigged a solar panel to keep the bilge pump running)

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