Jib furler / Jib roller reefing.

Model: Profurl LC42.

Current length approximately 15.5m overall to suit a sail with max about 50ft luff measurement. It can be shortened to any length by cutting the end off the foil with a hacksaw and making 2 new holes for the grub screws. Very easy. Can also be lengthened by buying extra 2m foil sections. Replacement parts and extensions are still available to buy.

All in good working condition, bearings are good, many parts are titanium and the foil is a special lightweight marine alloy.

Suits forestay up to maximum 12mm diameter (half inch is probably also OK but not tested).
Full working order. A couple of the joints need worn/damaged foil ends cut off and new holes drilled and tapped for the grub screws. I might be able to do that for the buyer for an extra 100 pounds but there might be some delay as this is a busy time for me. I didn't do it before selling because you'll probably want to cut the foil ends off to reduce it down to the right length for your forestay anyway. Maybe best if you do it yourself in-situ to make sure you get the length right. I can show you what to do when you collect.
Comes with brand new stainless grub screws and two brand new joining link profiles to replace the worn ones (all the others appear in good condition).

Needs at least one set of new plastic sleeves (if you use all the foil sections, if your forestay is shorter there might be enough), they are available to buy online for about ten pounds a set so that's not a problem. One set of plastic sleeves go inside each joint where it bears on the forestay.

It has been dismantled into 2m lengths for collection except one section of 4m which has a good joint but it was glued so I can't easily get it apart. Best to collect that as a single piece if possible otherwise you might need to repair the joint after getting it apart.

Heavy duty, offshore, high quality, light weight. Foil diameter 42mm.

Removable feeder included, very hard to find, often lost!

Note: The forestay, rigging toggles, tools and ropes shown in pictures are not included but the furler is complete.

Buyer must collect in Poole, Dorset within 1 week unless agreed otherwise before buying.

Price 400 pounds cash only. No time wasters please and no offers. It was advertised elsewhere at 640 pounds, I reduced it to 400 due to the price limit on this forum so this is a real bargain.

If it doesn't sell in the next couple of weeks I'll probably be taking it to netley boat jumble with a load of other stuff.

Selling because the end of one foil got damaged and after cutting off the damaged bit it was too short for my jib, nothing wrong with it otherwise except the two plastic bushes mentioned above which got damaged during removal, I didn't replace them in case you want to use it on a shorter rig you won't need them.

private message me your email address if you would like some photos.