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    Default Mast for Fairey Duckling Dinghy

    I am restoring a centreboard version of a 1950s Fairy Duckling dinghy and I have an old Proctor gold-anodised boom that came with the boat but I need an aluminium mast. I am advised that a Gull dinghy mast would be OK but I have also checked that a Cadet dinghy mast would fit.
    Does anyone have a suitable Gull or Cadet aluminium dinghy mast available please?
    Attached photo of the Duckling I restored over 30 years ago to teach my grandchildren to sail - but when they grew out of it I sold the dinghy. Now we have our first great-grandson I am restoring my second Duckling.
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    Default Re: Mast for Fairey Duckling Dinghy


    I have a Duckling, its had the centreboard case removed and covered over, when it was given to me it came with a mirror dinghy rig, not that I have ever tried to put the rig up.

    I do have the Uffa Fox drawing of the rig if you'd like a copy.

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    Default Re: Mast for Fairey Duckling Dinghy

    I have a complete rig (but no sails) bottom boards, dagger board and rudder from a duckling.
    PM if interested. Spars are wooden not metal, so maybe off an earlier one?


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