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    Default Re: Training Opportunities? Newb Level

    Can't find it myself yet, I'll probably come across it at some point. Whether in the Lounge or the Seeking Crew area.

    With regards to training, I'm sort of following the RYA's advice, which is to get some basic practical in first, then do a bit of theory, a bit of on.... but not RYA Courses. While their standards may be high and their value, not only low cost but also good value for what they are... unfortunately I can't commit to them as most places appear to have implemented the courses. ICC here I come.

    At the moment, for me, based on basic research on the cost per hour of a lesson and what equipment they state is required, it would cost me far more to get in sailing a dinghy with a club, than sailing a yacht with someone's whose primary business appears to be about teaching. I appreciate that it may work out cheaper over a much longer period of time to go with a club, but that's a bit silly if I find out rather sharpish, that it's not for me.

    Thanks for the input however, it has given me many potential destinations and waypoints on the horizon.

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    Default Re: Training Opportunities? Newb Level

    If you like, you can join me&Junior in Cardiff (CBYC). We sail most weekends, either the Bay or outside the barrage. We can show you the basics for free
    PM me if interested, and we will sort out the details.

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