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    Default Lowestoft to Thames trip - advice welcome

    Hi, We are planning to sail from Lowestoft to the Thames starting mid-May. Considering stopping off at Southwold, River Ore/Alde and then river Deben. The pilot book suggests that entry to all 3 can be tricky but I should be grateful for any additional info anyone could share? Boat is a 23ft long lifting keel.

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    Default Re: Lowestoft to Thames trip - advice welcome

    You won't any depth issues but it is still important to take into account the tidal flow to/from these rivers.

    I imagine that you don't have a very powerful engine so entering Southwold against the ebb would be difficult. I would suggest an hour or two either side of low water or near HW. Call the harbourmaster before entry.

    Follow the published wisdom for the Ore and the Deben. Obey the buoys. Avoid entering on the ebb in a strong Easterly.
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    Default Re: Lowestoft to Thames trip - advice welcome

    Lowestoft to Southwold is about 10 miles ish
    Southwold to Orford Haven is the thick end of 20
    Ore to Deben is c. 5 miles I'd have thought.
    Deben into the Thames - well you don't say where in the Thames - if going up to the city is way longer than that.
    Do you have other stops planned?
    The ECP site will have the new chartlets for Ore and Deben soon - there you'll find the instructions / wisdom MoodySabre refers to. Both easy enough entrances on a flood tide and with the up to date chart to hand.
    If you're leaving the Ore at the top of the tide (might be a push getting out against the full-running flood) you may want to bypass the Deben and make your way into Harwich harbour where there are anchorages, moorings (eg Orwell or Wrabness) and marinas with all-tide access - ha'penny pier to boot.
    Heading up the London river - in a 23 footer I'd stop off again I think in Brightlingsea - then somewhere near Canvey - Benfleet perhaps before heading into town on the tide.

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    Default Re: Lowestoft to Thames trip - advice welcome

    The PLA have a list of visitor moorings on the Thames that might be useful for you in planning stopping off places:
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    Default Re: Lowestoft to Thames trip - advice welcome

    An hour before high water is the general "Janet and John do Southwold" thought. Generally nearly always a safe bet unless blowing a hoolie.

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