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    Question Best budget wood preservative for cut ends...

    Hello all.
    I am replacing the cockpit floor frames in my MP31 and would like your recommendations.
    I will be coating the cut ends with preservative and would like to find out which is the best to use in an outdoor / marine environment.

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    Default Re: Best budget wood preservative for cut ends...

    I have a wonderful book called "The A-Z of Cheaper Boating" by Bill Beavis, published in 1977. Quote: "John Leather, who apart from being a Lloyd's surveyor also builds the odd wooden boat, suggests . . . a mixture of one part linseed oil to two parts paraffin . . . makes an extremely good preservative." The article also suggests soaking (the cut ends) in such a mixture before assembly. I'm not sure how this would work with two-pack glues.

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    Default Re: Best budget wood preservative for cut ends...

    A mixture of ethylene glycol and borax, soaked well in, makes it practically pressure treated, so long as the surface is coated to prevent water from easily washing it out. Paint, varnish, and epoxy will bond after it dries. They have to be cooked together to make a product that is basically DIY Boracol. It takes a long time to dry, but it works. HR recommends Boracol for teak maintenance.

    If DIY chemistry is not your thing, just buy Boracol.

    The formula is in an article in Good Old Boat Magazine a few months ago (nov/dec 2018), and it was about replacing a cockpit grating. The text says PG, but a later correction confirmed that it should be EG.
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