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    Default Re: Elba to Ponza - any advice on stop offs along the way

    Quote Originally Posted by Hooligan View Post
    Hopefully mastered it!
    You sure did, congratulations!
    Btw, I see that you used the website I mentioned, i.e. imgbox, whose pros and cons I'm by now familiar with.
    And one of its (very minor, in fairness) cons is that the links it generates automatically are a bit weird, because they include the "URL" tag, whose only purpose is to make the image a clickbait.

    In practice, for the above image you used the following sentence:


    Which is 100% correct, and shows the following image as a result.

    Otoh, if you would have copied the automatic link generated by the imgbox website, the sentence would have been as follows:


    Note that the central part included in the "IMG" tags is exactly the same as above, and is the one that actually does the job.
    The rest (which I grayed out) is what makes the image itself an hyperlink: the result looks the same, but if you click on the previous image nothing happens, while the one below redirects you to imgbox website.

    ...with apologies if this is just a complicated way to confirm that you already did the perfectly right thing, but just in case you should wonder why imgbox automatically suggests something different!

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    Default Re: Elba to Ponza - any advice on stop offs along the way

    It was trial and error but I also figured that in the Links only box i had to click full size then copy the link and add the IMG etc.. then use the advanced box to preview if needed. But seems to work

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