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    Default Mullion issues on Sealine F42

    Hi, Iím new to the forum and hope some one can help. I have a Sealine F42. They seam to have an issue with the mullions. Anyone out there that knows about this issue knows why it has happened. Does anyone know a DIY fix. Iím struggling to believe itís a £30,000 fix which are the quotes coming in. The wholes that caused the problem have been filled but now I need where to go from here. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Mullion issues on Sealine F42

    You seem to be posting this on all the wrong forums. Try the MOBO forum but maybe be a little more specific about what the actual problem is. I have read both of your posts and still don't know what is wrong with your boat/mullions.
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