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    I am booking in for a 12 month period at Cleoptra marina (Preveza) starting in August this year. I will need the basic anti fouling work done and am happy to use the yard for this but have some carpentry which I am keen to use outside contractor, ( I already have a recommendation who is happy to do the work). Has anyone experience of using outside contractors, I believe Cleopatra make a charge I am not sure whether just to get on with it and not notify them and wait to see if they object or plan it. I have not asked them in case the view is just get on with it and wait to see if they object or ask for a charge.

    Any advice would be welcome

    Many thanks John

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    I'm pretty certain that this has come up before but can't find the thread.

    The charge was about 25% when we were there in 17/18. We were issued with a card to allow parking for our hire car. Nobody ever asked to see the card but I suspect that the security guys would be more likely to spot a contractor arriving in a van.

    The yard office was picky about observing the rules. I met one couple who had to get an apartment because they were not allowed to stay on board to supervise work. The boat owner couldn't get to the boat and asked them to come out a week early. I assume that they must have told the office they'd be staying and names didn't match the office records. There's a daily charge for staying on your boat and you are supposed to report to the office on arrival.

    I had a problem getting a discount as my new RYA arrived at my home after I'd gone to Greece. I was told that it would be OK if RYA emailed them to confirm that I was a current member. RYA did this and I was then told that wasn't good enough. The yard needed to see the card.

    I managed to persuade them to accept a scanned copy emailed from a "friend at home". Actually, I just moved some digits around on my existing card and sent that as an attachment. Ticked the box and they were happy enough.
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    I had some difficulty with them three years ago while laid up in the yard. They have a service department which undertakes minor works. But the price they quoted for reglazing and rebedding a leaky window was far too high. I found an outside contractor in Levkas, but they quibbled about authorizing this as I think they wanted to discourage direct competition with their own service department. Eventually I removed and replaced the window myself, and brought it back to England for reglazing and rebuilding (much cheaper). This was OK with them.

    There was no problem for me living aboard with the boat ashore while doing maintenance work myself, though a small surcharge was made for living aboard. Each place has laid on water and electricity which were reliable, and compared to the other Preveza yards, there was good space to work round the yacht. It helps to get a place reasonably near one of the toilet blocks!
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