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    Default Lydney Harbour problems

    Our plans to take up a mooring in Lydney Harbour which is geographically ideal for us, continue to be thwarted by the inability to enter it.

    The outer gates are not important for us but the flood gates are stuck around 2 feet open and won't budge.

    Progress by the Environment Agency seems a tad ponderous.

    Where is the best, hopefully short term alternative?

    Although I have sailed extensively in Bristol Channel, it was a long time ago and things have changed considerably since.

    We are are too long for CDYC and Newport seems the next nearest.

    As we still have work to do, vehicle access is a consideration.

    All advice welcomed.
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    Default Re: Lydney Harbour problems

    I do like CDYC from what I've seen and heard but I've never been so I'm not sure about their launching arrangements but as you're to long it's pretty much ruled out.

    Newport have their own wise that most moderate draft boats can use and a decent sized yard with vehicle access which is a big bonus. Obviously members are helpful and friendly in my eyes and it's affordable. I also like that you're slightly more down channel and out of the "shoots" but that's just my inexperience. Cardiff seems the ideal base in the BC but you pay a premium, and driving in really puts me off.

    As with any club I think they prefer long term members rather than 1 year boat storage/work members, if that's what you're looking for Barry YC offer short term non member yard space, I'm not sure about up channel, possibly some of the canal yards?

    I'm sure you'll be welcome, might be worth getting in touch with the Membership Secretary and giving it a go?
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