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    Default Volvo DPH Sterndrive - what can I paint?

    Hi all

    I知 doing a haul and service on my Volvo Penta DPH sterndrive and I知 planning on cleaning off the growth and tubeworm from the drive and transom shield.

    Q: What components can I apply Trilux antifouling to?

    I知 guessing all components minus the steering and powertrim rams, and of course the anodes.

    Do you agree?

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    Default Re: Volvo DPH Sterndrive - what can I paint?

    When mine was done by Volvo agents everything came back grey. From the transom to the bottom of the drive including all pipes, the props and steering rams, but not the anodes. I now follow suite and do the same, but based on my new engineer's advice don't pain the props as the metallic composition is suppose to discourage growth. Hmm - I will wait and see and then still end up doing some prop cleaning as the season progresses.


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