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Thread: diesel bug?

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    Another vote for preventative additive on a regular basis.
    Although I do know people who add nothing and have had no fuel issues.

    You never know if the fuel you buy is clean.

    I am presently using the type of additive that dissolves water into the fuel rather than the stuff that makes the water drop out..
    However I understand no additive will deal with large quantities of water in the fuel. Seals on fuel filler caps are very important.

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    Default Re: diesel bug?

    I was put out of action by diesel bug whilst rounding one of the Solent forts....
    In a shameless plug given his first class service, Parker Marine services came and sorted the fuel out.... Diesel Bug Jester.jpg

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    I bit the bullet and cut a hole the tank.

    I pumped out all but 100 litres and vacuumed that out. I returned it to the other thank via a sieve. My logic is the the filters will polish it as long as the fuel can get up the pipe to the filter

    I could only vacuum the rear 1/3 of the tank due to the baffles, and in a month or so when some crap from the forward 2 sections has jiggled back I’ll do it again.

    I don’t understand how the engine ran at all.

    About a 1/4 of a 5 litre container is full of grit and what looks like jellyfish.

    Right now I have 600 litres one side and none in the other so it is a bit like sailing a beam reach but sat in the marina!
    Off out today with friends and will pump as we go.

    Fingers crossed I’ve nailed it now.

    I’ve uploaded pictures but they don’t seem to have appeared. I hate the photo hosting on this website.
    Edit 2. Seems I had to email them to myself to resize them. What a load of rubbish.
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    Blimey Mark, that looks horrendous! Looks like you've turned a corner getting it fixed now though.

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