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Ok so just read again. Most of what I said will be relevant but just noticed you said it had bravos and you changing to DPs.
If she had bravos originally it wouldn’t have been 4.3’s at a guess. Not impossible but unlikely.
The VP431’s are getting on a bit and will no doubt be from the early early 90’s. Mated to VP 290DPs usually.
Again it will all be about the props.
If you had bravos before. Most cases they were mated to V8s. If you are dropping in power perhaps you’ll notice a difference in perfomcace most likely too.
Think you need to read again! OP says previous owners says "4.3v6s and alpha drives removed "
Any volvo drive will fit as they either use the same transom cut out or larger. The install should be a straightforward bolt in job as front mounts are likely the same too