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    Default Crinan Canal, update

    The season is under way and the 2019 'convoy' operating system has been in force for a few weeks now; so what difference is it making?
    Answer, very little, boats still just lock in and transit when it suits them, no convoys so far, but with only two or sometimes three boats a day it might be difficult. Transit times have extended, check in takes even longer and with the inland bridges unmanned most of the time, there have been delays, allow at least an extra hour, often two. There is a problem with draught in the west (Crinan) reach, a 2.0 m. boat was stuck for a while at Bellanoch bridge and the next day a 2.1m that we were helping had to wait for 90 mins. while they ran some extra water, note the flight is closed to all traffic while they do this. No maintenance last winter so even more leaks, gates hanging crooked and sluices that do not work. (when they tell you about a 30min. delay that is Scot. Canal minutes, there are only 20 of those to the hour)
    More boats looking for assistance than there seem to be 'pilots' available, and some on the canals list do not seem to be bothering, the charges have risen, though I am giving substantial discounts to those who show some willingness to help a bit.
    Particularly disappointing news for JumbleDuck, this years summer staff have been recruited, no more leggy blonde students, this years intake are all old geezers with approaching dementia problems almost as bad as my own, they seemed to have picked up the 'don't stress yourself' ethos very quickly but are useful as a vaguely interested audience while you are struggling with the locks.
    AIS shows more and more yachts rounding the MoK and since in Scotland probably less than 20% see the need to transmit there must be a considerable majority taking that route.

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    Default Re: Crinan Canal, update

    After my run -in with the new regime three weeks ago I sent a stiff email. Got a reply two days ago from the new manager saying she would get round to answering it soon.

    I told her not to bother.

    - W


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