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    Default Bow Thruster Oil Leak

    I have a Side-Power SP 55 Si Bow Thruster.
    Looked in the tunnel today after haul out and noticed a couple of oil drips under the leg.
    It was quite thin so seawater water has got in the leg.
    I Haven't worked out yet if it is the oil drain or shaft that is leaking. I've cleaned the area and now monitoring.
    Has anyone familiar with this thruster, and have a parts manual that shows the internal oil seals?
    I only have the basic parts diagram (attached).
    The old versions have a reservoir, this version is apparently sealed for life, which is a bit concerning if parts are even available or even if I can top it up, have not had a look yet!

    Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: Bow Thruster Oil Leak

    strange for there to be drips of oil, as when bow thruster seals fail, the water goes into the thruster, and if anything comes out, it is white emulsion, or black like a leaking radiator.

    A pal had his drain screw loosened by person unknown, and yard said "the seals need changing" , look to nip up a drain nut first.


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