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    Default beta marine 10 HP

    the more i delve into my boat the more I learn..... I have discovered that the screw to the long-removed file water separator/filter is lying in the bilge of my Holman 26. The filter having been jettisoned ages ago. There is a wide range of filters available. I'd like something in the glass (or plastic) bowl range so I can see the H2O and one with a suitable large but not massive capacity. (and one that I can get a spare screw). I don't motor too much but have been known to cruise for up to 4 hours. Any thoughts on what one to get and where to mount it?

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    Default Re: beta marine 10 HP

    (other suppliers are available)

    A CAV type is cheapest new, (even cheaper from a lorry breaker's yard). You can get replacement bowls for them, if that's what you have, complete with screws.

    You don't need much filter capacity for a Beta 10. I had a Beta 14, and sometimes did hundreds of hours in a year with no noticeable impression on the filter.

    Mount it somewhere you can easily get at, and with enough room underneath to catch the oil & filter in a jug/bowl or whatever when you do a filter change.


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