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    Default Belgium Customs / Diesel

    I have just posted this in Scuttlebut, but it was suggested that it would also be useful here. Apologies for the double post.

    We were in Oostende on Wednesday and had a visit from Belgium Customs. Having filled up purely on white Diesel for the last couple of years, I wasn't too worried. They very politely requested permission to come on board to check our documentation and a fuel check. We welcomed them aboard with a handshake and I produced my folder of documents handing them my passport (and crew's), SSR certificate and Bill of Sale, rummaging through my documents I asked if they wanted proof of VAT (my boat started its life in Guernsey and was later imported back into the UK), "No we are not interested in that."
    Two officers sat in the cockpit whilst the third asked if he could go below asking if we had excessive drinks or illegal substances. We replied it had all been drunk. The documents were photographed and everything was very light hearted with laughter from all on board.
    Nothing further was said about fuel, we were thanked for our cooperation and wished a safe onward journey with a further hand shake.
    Another team carried out a similar check on one of the boats with us with the same attitudes and actions. I suspect if we hadn't complied with the correct documentation or been awkward, our tanks may have been dipped.

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    Default Re: Belgium Customs / Diesel

    Glad to hear it went so well; a useful update but as there is already a sticky on this subject on the East Coast Forum, you are unlikely to get many responses here.
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