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    Default Aeolian Islands Latest?

    Hi All,
    Breezer is just about to set off from Marsala to the Aeolian and I'd appreciate any update on anchorages in the islands and en route, particularly Cefalu or anything beyond Palermo. Also, have they got round to setting up any Marine Protected Areas in the Aeolian like the ones in Egadi? Obviously, looking to avoid eye watering marina costs so the hook's what I'd like to hear about, please. I have read previous strings so it's really recent updates I am looking for..thanks

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    We anchored on the east side of Vulcano a couple of weeks ago, and it was lovely. We even had it to ourselves one night. The walk up the volcano is spectacular.

    At Cefalu we anchored to the west side of town, with a view of the old town, access to the mole is good for the dinghy. Again we had the anchorage to ourselves, but the swell was northerly. Maybe the east side would have been more protected, but it looked very busy.

    The northern part of the peninsula at Mallazo is now prohibited for anchoring apparently - see Susan Smilie's entry on Navily.

    We also anchored at San Vito which was nice - the beach was loud at the weekend but not too obtrusive.

    Mondello was also nice, but the few sand patches could fill up quite quickly I think.

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    Default Re: Aeolian Islands Latest?

    Volcano you can anchor on the east or west side depending on the wind ,
    The East side can be deep very quickly .
    There also a good anchorage on the SE corner Gelso
    On lipari there quite a few , we tend to anchor just under the castle but you need to get close other wise its deep but just a few mts away by the town harbour you anchor on the out side of the breakwater or just south of the entrance.
    The other place we like is off the old mines , nice clear and sandy spot .
    You can anchor of the beach off Canneto , it's ok but we don't anchor there much .
    Panaera we only use the bay to the south of the island Torrione
    Salina we alway anchor south of the harbour .
    Stromboli , just off the twon in the NE , there a shallow patch but you may find it packed now with local boats mooring but you can find room a bit further out and it ideal if you want to see the fireworks at night , just around the corner .
    All these anchorage we use many time and we was there again this May ,
    I think now you find there be a few more boats about as we almost spend most of the time with three other boats we know that just left Greece and heading for new cruising grounds .
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    Default Re: Aeolian Islands Latest?

    See my post here and probably the rest of the thread. That was from last summer.

    Apart from the active vulcano experience, Castellammare was the other highlight of that coast:

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    Default Re: Aeolian Islands Latest?

    White beach in Lipari if you want a good party day and night.

    When I was there, there were a load of people anchored, all dancing on top of their boats to the music from the beach-side bar.

    The water is beautifully clear, and you anchor mostly in volcanic ash in about 3 to 4m. There are strange ash piles on the bottom, like mini volcanos.

    Anyhow, it was fun a night. Wouldn't want to stay there over a weekend though.


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