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    Default repainting cockpit & topsides

    Looking for advice on painting my 18footer; she has had a terrible paint job previously, and it flakes off all the time. I have scraped and sanded, her all over, then done it again.

    I think ithe surface is now ready for painting, what would you guys reccomend, and what is the best procedure. I'm not after a perfect look, functional is much more important. I want it to be non slip, and I don't want it to start peeling & flaking like it does now, the flakes bung up my cockpit drains.

    Do I undercoat or paint straight on? use special stuff from a chandlery? or go to a builders paint store?


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    Default Re: repainting cockpit & topsides

    Last year I painted my deck with International Inter Deck which I was happy with. The main reason for choosing Inter Deck is that there was some unexpectedly good weather and I decided to do it while the sun shone and there was a Dulux trade centre near the boatyard which stocks International paints. There are other, cheaper, brands of non-slip deck paint which I suspect would be just as good.

    I did not use an undercoat, although I was not painting onto bare grp. I had scraped off most of the old deck paint, but it was so well adhered it seemed pointless removing it. I then sanded with 120 grit, washed clean and allowed it to dry and then brushed on the paint. No problems so far.


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